Gingerbread Houses

So, I know that this blog is all about healthy eating and quick and easy recipes, but there is one family tradition that I have to share that involves frosting, lots and lots of candy, and more frosting. Every year, we get together and assemble gingerbread houses that range from ginger shanties to ginger mansions, and have a total blast doing it.

To make them, the first thing you need is a group of people. This year, we had seven, but four or more is usually good. The foundation for the houses are pint-sized cartons, and the ones that we use are for single servings of orange juice. Target carries six packs, and we either drink the juice or dump it into a pitcher for later.

We use graham crackers for the walls and roof of the houses, and frosting to bind things together and stick the candy onto the houses. There is no specific way that these have to be assembled, just use your imagination.

Here is a list of different type of candy that can be used:

  • M&M's
  • licorice
  • gum drops
  • gummy bears
  • gummy worms
  • candy canes
  • animal crackers
  • peppermints


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